The 6 Most Popular Types of Pizza

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October 26, 2023

Not all pizza pies are made equal, and with the many popular pizza styles available, some pizza lovers will tell you that one style dominates the rest. We’re here to tell you that most pies are just as delicious as others regardless of the baking method, toppings, sauce, shape, and, of course, pizza style.

But what kinds of pizza are there, what exactly are the different pizza styles available, and what makes one style different from another? Read on to learn more about the top six most popular pizza styles across the nation and which pizza style might be better suited for your taste buds. Trigger warning, things are about to get cheesy and delicious. Don’t be surprised if the urge to order a pizza pie comes over you. When it does, we’ve got just the number to call. 

New York Style

White Pie by Brooklyn’s Best Pizza & Pasta

You don’t have to venture to the east coast to enjoy this type of pizza. New York style pizza is available nationwide and is one of the most popular pizza styles around. 

This unique pizza style traces its roots back to the early 20th century when Neapolitan Americans who immigrated to the New England region brought their unique Italian pizza traditions with them. The dense Italian immigration community and the flavors of this traditional pie helped propel the popularity of what would grow to be a staple dish. 

New York style pizza is iconically recognized by its thin crust and large circular pie. You’ll find all types of variations of New York style pizza these days, but the classic iteration includes tomato sauce and a low moisture,  high quality mozzarella cheese. 

Known for its incredibly thin base, New York style pizza is easily recognized by how it’s eaten. New Yorkers are known for folding their pizza slice in half to enjoy while they’re on the go. 

More Artisan craft New York style pizzas include premium toppings such as Mediterranean olives, roma tomatoes, crumbled feta, basil, and a number of other flavors. Don’t be surprised if your New York style slice incorporates Italian seasoning and other garnishes as well.

Chicago Style

Stuffed Meat Lover’s Pie by Brooklyn’s Best Pizza & Pasta

This next wildly popular type of pizza traces its roots back to Chicago, where it can be found in nearly every pizzeria throughout the Windy City. Chicago style pizza is defined by its buttery crust — often accompanied by a stuffed crust. 

This type of pizza is also referred to as a deep dish pizza, thanks to the way it’s baked. The pizza is situated in a deep pan that allows the crust to be much higher than a traditional pie. This extra depth allows the pizza maker to stuff the top with ample cheese, tomato sauce, and of course, hearty toppings. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the tomato sauce and cheese used, but it’s this same goodness that gives Chicago style pizza its rich and satisfying flavor. While it’s not exactly  known just how Chicago style pizza came to be, it is certain that its origins trace back to the Windy City with notable founders including popular Pizza makers Rudy Malnati and Ike Sewell being credited with its invention.

Detroit Style

Grandma Pie by Brooklyn’s Best Pizza & Pasta

As with any major city, Detroit has made itself known as a go-to destination for quality pizza slices. Namely, the area has put out a uniquely flavorful Detroit style pizza that is able to hold its own. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this pizza style has put the city on the map. 

Detroit style pizza is characterized by its rectangular shape, quality breading, and impeccable flavors. The crust is often crispy but light and airy on the inside. Toppings are hearty and often include a protein like pepperoni, shredded chicken, or steak. But it’s just as common to find Detroit style pizza topped with veggies like onion, green peppers, mushrooms, tomato, and other great flavors. 

Detroit style pizza pays homage to the roots it was born out of in the Motor City. Touting itself as a pizza for every man, this square pizza is a grab-and-go for blue-collar workers but has its place to be eaten with a fork and knife for those feeling a little fancy.

Buffalo Style

Supreme Pie by Brooklyn’s Best Pizza & Pasta

If you are wondering, “What is Buffalo pizza,” we are happy to report that no, there isn’t any buffalo involved. Whether it’s a game day sporting event, a tailgate party, or simply a hangout with your friends and family, Buffalo style pizza is always a hit. This filling and flavorful pizza style is characterized by a thicker, crispier crust that’s often rough on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. 

This pie is typically much thicker than other pizza styles, and the ingredients are hearty and filling. A rich tomato sauce is used as the base, mozzarella comes next, and filling toppings — including pepperoni, steak, chicken, olives, pepper, and other veggies — can be found on the top. 

You can enjoy Buffalo style pizza folded in half the way you would with a New York style pizza. The difference, however, tends to be in the way you enjoy this pizza style. Buffalo style pizza typically calls for dipping sauces like ranch and blue cheese and is usually served alongside other appetizers, including wings, celery, and even breadsticks and marinara.

Neapolitan Style

Neapolitan Style Pizza

Neapolitan pizza is a unique pizza base, as it has helped spur the creation of other types of pizza pies. Those artisan pizzas and wood-fired thin pies you enjoy at your local pizzeria? Yep, those are likely inspired by Neapolitan pizzas. One of the most popular Neapolitan style pizzas is the good old-fashioned Margarita pizza. 

Once you see a Neapolitan pizza, you’ll probably be able to identify it pretty quickly. This type of pizza consists of a highly refined wheat flour base and is typically cooked for just under two minutes at a high temperature of 700 to 1,000° Fahrenheit. 

This quick cooking style results in a very fluffy, chewy, and typically thin style crust. You can usually spot a Neapolitan pizza with its dark charred spots. Once you take a bite, the flavor is absolutely exceptional. You won’t taste the greasy or oily texture other types of pizza styles offer. Instead, you’ll be met with a very light yet flavorful crust, a rich tomato sauce, and quality mozzarella. 

Often labeled as an artisan-type pizza, this style is usually garnished with toppings like basil, fresh Roma tomato, peppers, and other great veggies and herbs.

California Style

California Style Pizza

In true Californian fashion, California pizza styles deliver all the aspects that foodies want while incorporating new and exciting ingredients to keep things fun.

This type of pizza takes on the main elements of the thin-baked New York style pizza. It’s quite common for this pizza to be baked in a high-temperature wood fire oven to achieve that char-backed crispy crust.

You’ll find that the pizzerias throughout California (and beyond) that take on this style incorporate many Italian-style methods, including using a fluffy and airy crust that is typically thin and then garnishing with fresh veggies and herbs. Quality of the sauce is just as important, with California style sauces typically offering a sweet, sour, and even tangy flavor.  

The Californian styled appeal comes in with the many unique toppings that pizza makers incorporate. California style pizza is known for its bold flavors and toppings, including artichoke hearts, pineapples, and goat cheese, rather than your typical mozzarella cheese and pepperoni topping.  

California style pizza is all about getting creative and using fun and exciting new flavors and ingredients to create invigorating tastes and textures. Of course, California pizza is committed to maintaining a refreshing taste which is easily achieved through the many different herbs and fresh garnishes used on top. It should not come as a surprise that many pizzerias outside California have perfected this style of pizza.

Bottom Line

Brooklyn’s Best Pizza & Pasta – Ft. Apache Location

So what exactly is the best pizza out there? Well, the answer is just as clear as the hearty tomato sauce used to make it. The beauty of a quality crafted pizza pie is that there’s a style for every type of foodie, no matter the flavors you love or the toppings you crave.

Pizza lovers unite at Brooklyn’s Best Pizza and Pasta! With two locations in the Las Vegas area, it’s easier than ever to get a bite of a pizza that is as delectable as it is beautiful. At Brooklyn’s Best Pizza and Pasta, we are proud, honored, and excited to help whip up your perfect pizza so that you can say with confidence, “Yep, this is the best pizza ever.”

Visit one of our two locations to see for yourself why we have grown to be the best pizzeria throughout the greater Las Vegas area. From our kitchen to your table, Bon appetit!

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