Commonly Asked Questions!

  1. Do you guys have online ordering?

    • No, We are working on getting a feature where our customers can easily order from home with ease.

  2.  How long have you been open?

    • We opened on January 2nd of 2019!

  3. Do you cater?

    • Yes we do cater, as we are a newly opened pizzeria we are still in the process of setting it up so that it will be easily accessible to our customers. If you would like us to cater to your event, go ahead and give us a call @ (702) 786-0103

  4. I saw an ad on Facebook and it expired, can I still redeem it?

    • Unfortunately if the coupon is expired it is non redeemable, I'd recommend following our page as we always have specials going on exclusively for Facebook.

  5. Do you guys have any specials?

    • We do run specials quite frequently on Facebook, I'd recommend following our page Click Here

  6. How long does it typically take to deliver?

    • Depending on how busy we are it can take anywhere from 20-30min (if slow) 30-50min (if busy) These times will get better as we are newly opened and are trying to be more efficient!

  7. Is there a delivery charge?

    • Yes! We only charge 3 dollars for delivery!

  8. What is your delivery radius?

    • We try and stay in-between 3 miles. This number is not set and stone, we try and work with our customers.

  9. I tipping required?

    • NO! Tipping is not required but is very much appreciated!

  10. Is your pizzas really homemade?

    • YES! We take pride in our pizzas, we only use the best ingredients to ensure the best tasting pizza. If you don't believe us just come in and watch how it's done!

Have any other question?

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